Value creation for generations

58 years of investing, developing and managing real estate.


As a full-service, diversified real estate company, NTS offers a diverse portfolio of apartment, commercial, and residential communities across 9 innovative markets in the Midwest and Southeast United States. Our mission centers on impacting the lives of our customers by delivering extraordinary places to live and work today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

NTS is built on excellence and at our core we respect our tenants, residents and partners and are deeply committed to providing the highest-level of customer service. At NTS we are bold, innovative, service-oriented, driven, proactive, reliable, determined, approachable, honest, focused and loyal.

1,521 Total Units Under Construction/Planned 6,000+ Total Units $1.8 B AUM 58 Years of Experience 275 Employees 8,000 Acres of Developer Land 950,000+ Gross SQ FT Under Construction


For 58 years NTS’ vertically integrated team of professionals has provided a comprehensive range of top-tier real estate services, spanning from conceptual development and master planning to preserving and enhancing the value of existing properties. Managed by an experienced and knowledgeable staff, NTS-controlled properties are meticulously maintained to the highest standards, with an understanding of the value of building appearance and operational efficiency. Our integrated services are uniquely designed to empower real estate investors with the necessary tools to maximize their property value.

Property investors and owners have placed their trust in NTS for making sound purchasing decisions, while our Administrative Services ensures peace of mind by efficiently managing and maintaining these assets in compliance with all regulatory authorities. By leveraging our team of proven specialists, cutting-edge systems, and expertise, we drive operational efficiencies, ensure tenant and resident satisfaction, and enhance bottom-line profitability.

Our approach to luxury apartment living sets a new standard, offering meticulously designed spaces and a rich array of amenities across multiple states. In the realm of commercial properties, our full-service approach ensures the protection and enhancement of property value, catering to tenants, owners, and investors alike. NTS takes pride in its distinguished presence in healthcare property management, leveraging over 20 years of experience to deliver specialized services that safeguard the unique needs of this sector. In the residential domain, our communities redefine luxury living, creating neighborhoods that go beyond streets and houses to encompass signature entrances, lush landscaping, and world-class recreational facilities.


  • Early Life

    Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Nichols arrived in Louisville when his father transferred with General Electric. It was a year later, at age 13, when he first discovered his knack for business. He began working an after-school job at a restaurant. By the time he turned 15, he managed the restaurant and worked 80 hours a week – all while attending high school.

    Early Life

  • Early Career

    After graduating from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law, Nichols entered GE’s management training program. His GE career, however, was short-lived as he decided to join two friends for a career in real estate development. In 1965, he and two partners formed NTS. The newly formed company created Louisville’s first master planned community and much more followed.

    Early Career

  • Community

    Nichols’ community contributions have been impactful. He was the primary catalyst behind the billion-dollar expansion of Louisville International Airport and the decision by UPS to make Louisville the center point of UPS’s worldwide air network. Also, reflecting his continuing support of the University of Louisville and commitment to quality education, its downtown research and office complex has been named “J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”


  • NTS Today

    Since its inception, NTS and its principals have overseen the development and/or management of 10,000 acres of land and 11.2+ million square feet of real estate throughout the United States. NTS currently manages over 10.9 million square feet of real estate including 6,000 luxury apartment homes and over 4 million square feet of commercial property.

    NTS Today